Inyatsi Construction begins work on Waheen Market in Somaliland

Eswatini’s leading construction company, Inyatsi, is set to begin its work in Somaliland to construct the Waheen Market.

Somaliland President Muse Bibi Abdi.

The project is the latest in the list of many that have seen Inyatsi Group spreading its operations across the African continent. On Saturday, Inyatsi Chief Executive Officer of Construction Group Derrick Shiba led the SOD turning ceremony in an event attended by the President of Somaliland, Mr Muse Bihi Abdi, Vice President – Abdirahman Saylici, several ministers and the Mayor of Hargesia – Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge.

Inyatsi Construction CEO Derrick Shiba making his remarks during the sod-cutting event in Hargesia, Somaliland

Shiba thanked the government of Somaliland for availing the opportunity for the company to participate in an international Bid for the project and further entrusting them with the tender.

“We assure you that will deliver a quality product,” he said.
The project will see Inyatsi Construction rebuilding the market which burnt down in April last year. The new market, when completed in about 14 months, will have a footprint of approximately 8000m2 with a basement for underground parking of over 100 cars.

The market will be a three-floor marvelous centre containing 794 shops for small-scale vendors and prayer rooms.

Shiba added that the company’s move to delve deeper into the continent was premised on His Majesty King Mswati III’s great Vision of Eswatini being a First World Country. The vision has stimulated many socio-economic opportunities and grown Eswatini to be closer to attaining that status.

Inyatsi Group currently operates in 11 Countries in Africa; Eswatini, Mozambique, South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, Uganda, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Zambia and Somaliland.

“The Vision of the Company, which is: Africa’s Leading Integrated Business Partner was then born out of the Country’s Vision to deliver First World Projects, thus, we are here to deliver a First World Waheen Market for the Hargesia community and Somaliland at large,” Shiba said.

Shiba further added that Inyatsi will deliver a First World Waheen Market through excellence and quality. To achieve that, the Group said it planned on growing communities through partnerships.

Over 300 locals are set to reap the benefits of employment along with other economic spillovers associated with the project, something that Shiba said the Group was proud of.

“We will be employing locals and transferring skills. We brought a strong team which will make this a success. We will also be empowering small businesses and enterprises by allowing them to work with us. Once again, we thank you, Your Excellency, for the opportunity to be part of the First World History of Somaliland,” said Shiba.

The CEO was joined by Gcina Matsebula – Group Commercial Director,
Chris Draper – Group Estimating Manager and Business Development as well as Stuart Giblett – Project Manager.

The Group has been operating for more than 40 years and has delivered successful projects in all the countries it operates in.

Sourced from Eswatini Daily News


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